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Easy To Use

Our beacon & software platform is easy to setup and ready for you to deploy throughout your company.


Full Analytics & Reporting

Keep track of engagements, campaigns and the status of your beacons with our innovative CMS Management Software.


Industry Tailored

We tailor our beacon & software solution to best fit the needs of your industry.



Track. Analyze. Communicate.

Get value from location, context, and mobile users.
Create engagement for your enterprise projects and take advantage of our integrated solutions based on beacon hardware, mobile middleware, and cloud CMS platform.

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Obey Beacons

Our Obey Beacon was designed from day one with large scale deployment requirements in mind. With a low TCO, powered either by long lasting batteries, power outlet or USB port, it is a much more flexible device that can be securely managed from our cloud platform. It is the perfect choice for large, long-term rollouts.

Providing Solutions For All Industries

We Create Custom Solutions Tailored For Your Industry


Engage in real time with your customers, convert prospects, send coupons for your special offers, advertise for your partners, and gather powerful analytics about visitors’ in-store behavior.



Provide real-time interactions, launch polls, focus groups and debates, and challenge the students’ community with smart activities like treasure hunts or quiz instant competitions.



Our beacon & software solutions allow our clients to create unique campaigns, promotions, and enhance the customer’s experience as they travel through your booth.



Our iBeacons can help you to easily identify each patient in a great hospital and can deliver a solid portfolio of accurate information about their health status to your mobile device.



Whether we talk about restaurants, coffee shops, or hotels, for the hospitality industry, the relationship with the business’ valued customers defines one’s success.


Smart Cities

Accurate detailed analytics about frequency, time duration, preferred areas, and major flows regarding people presence in public spaces like main streets, markets, and train stations.


Obey Beacon CMS

Our cloud based CMS enables you to easily manage your beacons and campaigns, as well as to get in depth analytics regarding user behavior.

Create rich media content to engage with your customers and choose the exact moment you want to interact with them according to their proximity to the beacons.


Proximity Ads

Extending a brand’s reach on consumers’ devices and delivering a notification at the right place and at the right time is extremely useful and has a large impact. It is now possible to reach consumers directly on their mobile devices and not only through displays, promotional staff, or print media.

Proximity Ads allow retailers to leverage their iBeacon™ infrastructure to generate additional value and revenue while maintaining control over what ads and notifications are being sent to users. With the option to invite and approve potential advertisers, they ensure a level of quality and frequency of notifications that reach consumers.

Proximity Ads are currently in invitation only private beta.

For Mall Operators - General Smart Beacons

Place beacons at all mall entry points and notify mall visitors about new offers, latest movies, and all things are offered at the mall. Make your offers accessible to general audience. Deploy and make use of beacons across apps and make local offers searchable.


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