Enhancing User Experience with iBeacon Technology

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Enhancing User Experience with iBeacon Technology

Location-based marketing is indeed the matter of the moment seeing that retailers are inclined to take on board the Location-Based technology in their retail app development.  The benefits and importance of Location-Based Marketing have not been ambiguous since its inception and in recent times, the entrepreneurs have started to realize the potential and opportunities that this technology presents and how it can add value to their business as well as ROI.

Business owners have been showing interest to venture in retail app development as they have realized how important it is to employ the cutting-edge technologies in their respective businesses in order to survive the on-going fierce competition. iBeacon is one technology that is ruling the retail market right now and has been successful in enhancing the user experience by interpreting the customer’s buying patterns and iBeacon app development can elevate the overall customer experience of retail shoppers. The technology has transformed the retail industry by integrating special promotional messages and notifications for customers and offering big data analytics for businesses.  Well, the retail business is all about personalized services and ways to engage the customers. Check out some effective ways to achieve the same and get the most out of iBeacon technology to deliver the best, personalized user experience.

Personalized Retailing

With iBeacon you can record your customer’s data – be it their buying pattern, the frequency of their visits, interests, demographics, etc. and this can help you formulate marketing strategies which would not just add a personal touch to your services but would encourage the users to try out your products.

Serving Customers

Welcoming your customer with a personalized message as soon as they enter your store is a smart and unique way of greeting them. Addressing via the digital medium is a modernized way of being personal and saying that you care. You just have to setup a notification message (in the backend) and let your beacon device work its magic.

Exhibiting the products differently

Showcase your products demo in a unique way using a video or 360° interactive photo viewing mechanism rather than the conventional method of displaying products. You can send a relevant message to your customer’s smartphone where they can easily view the products and its features. Adopting this method of showcasing products can significantly influence the buying decisions of the customers.

Mobile Retargeting

Using iBeacon retailers can retarget their customers who are outside the store for e.g. a customer who was in the Nike store and went out without making any purchase. Now, with Beacon device in the store, retailers can get information about the products that interested the customer. By such information, retailers can reach out to their customers through an offer or a discount coupon (for e.g. 10% discount on Nike shoes for the next 48 hours) and coax them to revisit and buy the intended product at the earliest.

Track your campaign’s status

In order to be productive, it becomes essential to track the efforts you put in so that you can get a clear-cut idea of what’s effective and what’s not. With iBeacon device, retailers can understand their customers better. They can make use of Beacon management platform to send out contextual messages, product promotion offers when a customer enters a particular location in their store. Moreover, such platforms can help the store owners to track the impact of their enforced marketing campaign.

Thus, retail owners can avail the benefits of iBeacon technology in the aforementioned ways and can enhance their customer experience along with adding value to their business. Adopting new technologies can drive amazing results and it is sensible to implement new approaches to your business otherwise you can be left behind because of your conventional methods and practices.

SOURCE: https://www.businesszone.co.uk/community/blogs/jaypatel/enhancing-user-experience-with-ibeacon-technology

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