Real estate industry using beacons


Real estate industry using beacons

Real estate is one of those transforming industries that has recently picked up great interest in beacon-based marketing for boosting customer experience. With increasing blindness towards billboards and sale signs, realtors and marketers have to switch to alternate ways of delivering information to prospects. What better than delivering information on smartphones!

A recent survey from comScore Inc. states that over half of the 91.6 million unique visitors to all the real estate sites were from smartphones. Another realtor survey says that 85 percent of all the buyers used a smart device during their home buying process. These statistics are obviously not a surprise considering the time users spend on smartphones these days.

It’s amazing to see how the real estate industry has diversified the beacon use cases across the stages of selling/renting a property. If you too are a realtor, I believe this article would give you some really interesting ways to market your property.


1. Notify potential clients when they drive past your property

Place a beacon in the house or within 300 feet of the road and trigger beacon notifications directly to passers-by who have Bluetooth equipped phones. They could click open the notification and find out more or schedule a tour directly from the information page.

It’s obviously helpful because scheduling a visit is spontaneous rather than to-be planned event.

2. Let your sale signs push beacon notifications

Your “Home for Sale” boards can be turned more efficient with beacons attached to them. The idea behind this approach is to catch the eye of the prospect who is rather blind to the boards and sale signs on the road.

3. Place beacons in your real estate office

Beacons can also be placed in your offices so that when you or your office staff is busy attending some clients, the other clients that walk in still get the information about the properties.

4. Send notifications about the details of an open house event

Though open house events are a lot of work to do, you still would want to schedule a couple of them because they are a great way to generate leads and expand your sphere of influence. It is definitely a good marketing strategy to make the most out of such an event. Beacons can be of great help while trying to get maximum footfall for the event. More footfalls, better deals closed!

5. Send out information about your property at trade fairs

Trade fairs are a super busy affair and you do not want to miss out on any prospect. Having said that, you can have beacons in your kiosks which can be used to send out information to the people attending the event.

Engagement while in-property

1. Increase the chances of conversion by providing a 360* virtual tour

These days, standard real estate marketing strategies anyway incorporate digital marketing materials. Featuring 360* virtual tours on your property is an elegant way to signal to clients that you’re using cutting-edge technological solutions. They’ll be impressed by your property listings and your marketing savvy.

Not just that, these virtual tours are a permanent open house tour. This implies that your clients do not have to schedule an exclusive visit to the property.

2. Give them a spontaneous link to “Tap to call”

If you aren’t tapping your prospect at the right time, that is, when she has spotted your property, chances are high that you might have missed a chance. I spoke to few realtors who insisted on having a beacon at the exit door of the property. This beacon pushes a link to “Tap to call”. Chances are high that you might strike a deal at this very moment.

3. Push alerts about the on-premise extras like pool, golf course, fitness centre etc.

You would totally agree with me when I say that it’s mandatory to impress a prospect while she is taking a tour of the property. As she moves from one part of the property to another, it’s important to inform her about on-premise extras in that section of the property. Although pools and fitness centres are not the reason why someone would make or break a deal, it goes a long way in inciting the wow factor!

Track analytics

1. Check heat maps of the plot to understand if a zone is going unnoticed

Visitors might be missing out on an important section of the property – may be the pool area or a webinar room etc. This might be due to multiple reasons, but having a close look at the heat map and analytics lets you optimize the tour and send relevant property highlights when needed.
Heat map of house plan for real estate using beacons

2. Check out the footfall metrics on your property on an open house event

Footfall tracking quantifies activity on your property. Beacons help you measure and thus optimize demand forecasts, location marketing, scheduling and queues for your next open house event.


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