Obey Proximity Beacons

Fully Featured Beacon Allowing For Various Types Of Deployments

Obey Proximity’s new Beacon enables businesses to scale iBeacon™ deployments without worries of battery life time or security concerns like hijacking or spoofing.

Our Beacon was designed from day one with large scale deployment requirements in mind. With a low TCO, powered either by long lasting batteries, power outlet or USB port, it is a much more flexible device that can be securely managed from our cloud platform. It is the perfect choice for large, long-term rollouts.


Obey Beacon Features

Our Beacons Designed To Function In All Industries

Enterprise Ready

Having a high level of security in place, as well as new features enabling you to increase the number of use cases, Obey Beacon is shipping worldwide within 24 hours.


Depending on the use case it can come with a buzzer, making it a lot easier to track the location of certain objects in locations such as warehouses with a lot of similar items.

External Power Supply (Optional)

Deployment in any locations regardless of the power availability is now possible, as it can be powered with a power plug or over a USB port.

Waterproof Enclosure

Robust, with waterproof enclosure, it is the perfect tool for outdoor implementations, as well as any other use cases you can think of.


Being powered by 4 AA batteries, our Obey Beacon has a battery life up to 4 years, depending on the frequency and power settings, with easily replaceable batteries.

Screw Or Stick To Surface

Comes with heavy duty 3M® VHB® tape which sticks to almost any indoor and outdoor surface or you can screw it with one of the four screw cavities.


High level of security in place due to the encryption used, based on a combination of AES-128 and MAC (Message Authentication Code). We provide a secure way to configure and manage large scale deployments, protecting beacons from hijacking and spoofing.

Obey Beacon Specifications

Our Beacons Are Built For All Industries


The Obey Beacon

Support iBeacon™ specification support, Eddystone™ specification support (Coming Soon), Security (128 bit AES)

Power Supply
AA Batteries (Up To 4 Years), USB Powered, External Power Supply, Rapid Battery Replacement

Up to 70 meters

Our beacons can be equipped with buzzers, call for info.

Diameter (max)
6 in.
Thickness (max)
1 in.

3M® VHB® tape, Screws, Stick On Quick Deployment

Changing of UUID, Major/Minor, Cloud based CMS access, Cloud based Beacon Management Platform, Platform Support, iOS & Android SDK, Beacon Server API,Service / Support, Beacon usage consultancy

Colors / Branding
Black, White

Shipping within 24 hours

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