Obey Beacon CMS

Obey Beacon CMS

Easily manage your beacons and campaigns

Our cloud based CMS enables you to easily manage your beacons and campaigns, as well as to get in depth analytics regarding user behavior.


Social Demographics Integration

Create even more targeted campaigns to reach a specific segment of customers by using triggers such as visit number or social demographics such as gender or age.

Campaign Management

Define and schedule marketing campaigns, targeting users based on their profile, interests, time of the day and micro-location.

Highly Personalized Content

Create rich media content to engage with your customers and choose the exact moment you want to interact with them according to their proximity to the beacons.

Beacon Layout Manager

Integrated with Open Street Maps, the map layer will give you a better perspective on your beacon layout, allowing you to see beacon information, define tags, approximate beacon ranges and campaign content associations with just a few clicks. It gives you complete control over your beacon infrastructure.

User Behavior Analytics

Know which are the areas of interest at your location and understand how customers spend their time when visiting your premises. Learn their pattern and interests and send them targeted content. Visualize comparative statistics across all your locations.

Conversion Funnel Analytics

Visualize analytics on marketing campaigns conversion rates and gain control over the way you interact with your customers by optimizing the content in real time in order to improve conversion.

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