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Enhance The Experience of Event Attendees

Enhance Your Visitors' Experience

TTake advantage of context and surprise your visitors or attendees at conferences, fairs, concerts, festivals, or exhibitions by offering them an interactive off & online experience.

Grow Your Social Media Audience

Events mean social connections, so help them to find, know, and connect with each other. Our platform allows exhibitors to analyze, enhance, and expand their social media audience.

Create A Customized Customer Experience

Our beacon & software solutions allow our clients to create unique campaigns, promotions, and enhance the customer’s experience as they travel through your booth.

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To Enhance Any Event’s Experience

Provide Relevant Information To Your Attendees

During the registration process, send your attendees a welcome message. Keep them updated regarding all upcoming sessions and inform them in real time if there are changes in the schedule.

Encourage Application Engagement At Your Event

Games such as treasure hunts are an interactive way of encouraging engagement or rewarding attendees with gifts and special discounts for simply accessing and gathering the messages that you sent.

Direct Attendees To Event Locations And Sessions

Find out what your attendees are interested in, and save them the trouble of getting lost, by directing them towards their desired location. Send them messages reminding them of a certain session they showed interest in.

Get Additional Revenue From Exhibitors

Give exhibitors access to your beacon infrastructure in order to engage with the attendees by sending them notifications, and unique event promotions. Gather analytics to determine user interests.

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