Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions About Our Beacons & CMS Platform

What level of expertise is needed in order to set up the system?
The Obey Proximity Platform provides a very simple and easy to use tool that can be easily used by any person with basic computer skills.

Yes, iBeacons are needed and are managed by our CMS. While the iBeacons themselves do not need internet connection since they work on bluetooth, one is required to access the CMS.

Usually, only a few are required, as from our experience we can say that almost every point in a building is covered by a reasonable amount of iBeacons. The exact number depends mainly on the type of building – its size and structure.

Yes, our solution works on, both, iOS and Android.

The surface coverage provided by a beacon is approximately the same as a WiFi point. Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons are battery powered, last up to 4 years and cost around $49 each.

It always depends the amount of access points as with more, you will have better accuracy. In the same way, the smaller the room, the higher accuracy it will achieve. Nevertheless, accuracy can be easily and inexpensively improved by simply adding more iBeacons.

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