The Benefits of Using Hospitality Proximity

Using Our Platform Provides An Enhanced Experience

Welcome Your Hotel Guests For A Memorable Stay

Simplify the check-in process for your guests, offer them information about special offers, facilities and services. Help them in finding their room and give them a self-guided tour of your resort.

Understand Customer Needs

See which are the busiest moments and places of the day or busiest days of the week, and make sure your staff is well prepared. Understand customer needs and interests and deliver personalized contextual information to them.

Inform Customers Of Special Offers Within The Day

Send customers notifications with your restaurant/coffee shop’s special offers for different moments of the day: breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Reward Loyal Customers

Find who are your most loyal customers and surprise them with a reward, based on the number of their visits. Create a personalized, solid long-lasting relationship with your best clients.

Create Memorable Experiences

Whether we talk about restaurants, coffee shops, or hotels, for the hospitality industry, the relationship with the customers defines one’s success.

Obey Proximity helps you in providing the ultimate experience to your customers by delivering the information they need at the exact moment they need it.


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