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Track Your Inventory & Vehicle Fleet Using Our Innovative Software!

Keep Track Of The Exact Location Of Your Assets

Obey Proximity helps businesses that produce high value assets in big quantities in solving problems related to locating those items in their big warehouses or parking lots.

Optimize Item Delivery

We enable you to easily search and find your items and, therefore, schedule with ease which item should go to which order.

Locate The Assets Faster

The technologies used to locate assets (smart tags like passive RFID) have a limited transmission range (typically a few meters). But our beacons have a range up to 70 meters, which simplifies the whole process.

Get A Location Overview Of Your Inventory

We provide you a map based visualization to give a drilled down layered overview of your inventory location.


Optimize Performance & Increase Revenue

Our technology is prepared to save time and money in the logistics operations, by transforming micro-location into a strong competitive advantage for your business.

We provide businesses with the tools necessary to ensure their packages and products get to where they need to be in a timely manner.

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