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Easy Track

Help you keep an eye on the most valuable belongings, such as a smartphone, tablet, keys, wallet, bag, or even your kids.

How It Works

The iStubb Finding Process

  • Lost Baggage?

  • Track them.

  • Locate Bag.

A few iStubb core features

Unlimited connection

Your iStubb can connect multiple devices to one app.

Easy to use

iStubb is easy to use and can be use with iOS or Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 technology.


iStubb offers a 1 year warranty from date of purchase.


iStubb ™ is made from high quality, durable materials, which are specially designed for everyday use.

Long Distance

iStubb ™ uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology (also called Bluetooth Smart), whose range reaches up to 40 meters.


iStubb ™ is compatible with the many devices: iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6+/6S/6S+, iPad3/Mini/Air/Mini2/Air2/Mini3 and iPod Touch5.


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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions of iStubb's features

iStubb™ Smart Finder is an advanced wireless proximity alarm device that connects to either the Apple iOS and Google Android devices with a low-power Bluetooth connection. iStubb™ can be used to keep track of your valuables, such as; keys, bag, or even children. The device is simply connected to your mobile phone using bluetooth and application installed on your phone, and it is ready for use.

Help keep an eye on your most valuable belongings, such as a smartphone, tablet, keys, wallet, bag, or even your kids.

  1. Check and make sure that istubb has been successfully connected to your mobile device.
  2. If the connection is established successfully and you still get the alarms restart the application.
  3. If the problem persists in spite of this, please contact our support.
iStubb ™ can be switched on and off by holding the power button for a few seconds. When you hear a beep and see the green LED flashing, iStubb ™ is turned on and ready for pairing with a mobile device. Make sure that you have installed the iStubb ™ application before connecting. iStubb application can download the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.
Yes, when the alarm is set off, press the “function button”, which is to mute the alarm. iStubb’s ™ alarm goes off automatically when the device is again within the range.
If iStubb ™ is connected, you can use the “find me” feature and listening to the alarm sound, you can find your child. iStubb also allows you to ensure that your child does not get lost or out of range.
iStubb 1 Smart Finder: 9-12 months, after that you can easily remove back cover and replace the battery with new standard CR2016 button battery.

iStubb 2 Smart Finder: 1-2 years, after that you can easily remove back cover and replace the battery with new standard CR2032 button battery.

Each iStubb 2 Smart Finder has a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 chip, also called BLE (Bluetooth low energy). iStubb 2 can run up to 2 years on a single included CR2032 battery.

When installed, iBeacon begin transmit 2.4 GHz Bluetooth signals, similar to those of your home WiFi. The signals communicate with smart phone that are within 40 meter range.

Main benefit for using iBeacon technology is faster connectivity and more stable simultaneous connections. Meaning, we can serve more connections to multiple iStubb Smart Finders.

Finland 1-3 working days.

Europe 1 week.

Rest of the World 1-2 weeks.

When ordered via Amazon UK, IT, FR, ES or DE delivery time is 1-3 working days. Amazon handles shipping.