Custom Retail Proximity Marketing Solutions

We Create Proximity Marketing Solutions That Stand Out

The capabilities and techniques of online marketing are available now for traditional offline retailers, through our iBeacon-based integrated solution.

Engage in real time with your customers, convert prospects, send coupons for your special offers, advertise for your partners, and gather powerful analytics about visitors’ in-store behavior.


Increase Store Traffic And Offer Attractive Interaction

Attract more shoppers in your store by delivering welcome messages or tempting coupons at the entrance of the shop or on the hallways of the mall and by promoting the best offers of the day to those passing-by near your store.
Send them more information about a product they show interest in when they are in front of it, help them in making a decision and make their life easier.

Adopt An Omnichannel Strategy

Combine your CRM data with our CMS’ s communication capabilities, create smart campaigns, organize games and contests, implement A/B tests, use gamification techniques to win new customers, create powerful relationships, and build consumers loyalty.

Advertise For You And Your Partners

Use socio-demographics and other accurate data gathered on the CMS, in order to deliver customized commercial messages. By knowing the profile, gender, age and interests of your shoppers, you can provide them smart effective promotions and relevant contextual information. Leverage your iBeacon infrastructure to generate additional value and revenue by allowing brands and partners to advertise for their products or services.

Take Advantage Of Real-Time Analytics

Accurate real-time analytics about your visitors in-store behavior is gathered by our CMS platform. See what shoppers do while they are at your location, such as how much time they spend in each aisle and which are the items of interest for them. Visualize heat maps to improve your merchandises’ exposure. Integrate your CRM with our CMS using RestAPI, to fully control the communication with your clients.

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Custom Proximity Solutions For Retail Marketing