Ensure People Get To Their Destination

The Extended Version of our Smart Public Transport solution is capable of delivering an important portfolio of services for the transportation companies, for their customers, or for their business partners.
Dynamic or metered pricing, groups management, kids monitoring, aged or disabled people safety, individual monitoring, passengers in-station guidance, touristic sightseeing, proximity marketing, customized advertising, community development, and social interaction are features already available in our solution.


Helping Disabled People Travel Within The City

We created a completely functional solution, helping the disabled to create customized routes within the city and guiding them to precisely choose and use the bus lines of their interest, when the vehicles arrive in station.

Beacons are placed, individually, on buses and the mobile app installed on user’s smartphone, available for IOS and Android, notifies him when the bus approaches at 50-60 meters from the station. When the bus reaches the station, the buzzer of the beacon broadcasts a specific sound, indicating the precise location of the bus needed by the user.

Customized Services, Made-To-Measure Transportation

Obey Proximity is ready to seriously expand the capabilities of the solution and to offer an important number of new services, based on exactly the same Bluetooth Low Energy concept and infrastructure, or by just adding to the existing infrastructure supplementary iBeacons in bus stations or introducing personal “keychain beacons” for passengers in special situations.



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Custom Proximity Solutions For Smart Public Transportation